Trip Five: Sallisaw -> Sayre

Our week in the lovely KOA Holiday in Sallisaw got off to a bit of a rocky start since I had to get up at six in the morning and go to Walmart in order to get our brand new tires balanced and re-mounted. When I arrived, I was greeted by a freshly renovated Walmart with absolutely no line and some exceptionally friendly (albeit skeptical) folks running the Auto Center. Nice place!

The folks in the Auto Center weren't quite sure under what circumstances another Walmart Auto Center wouldn't be able to balance a set of tires and hypothesized that they just didn't want to. I just sort of shrugged. I guess we'll never know.

I was too tired to be mad.

After a couple of hours of fighting with the same dually-related adapters the first shop struggled with, the mechanic came in and informed me that my wheels were balanced, re-mounted and ready to go. He also pointed out that the shop in West Memphis scratched the holy hell out of the rims when they put the tires on the first time. That was materially annoying, all things considered and (of course) I managed to cut my finger on one of the gouges in the steel rim while inspecting it. I shrugged.

I was still too tired to be mad.

I thanked him, paid for the pile of stuff I didn't really need but gathered out of boredom and left. I was eager to get back to the RV park so that I could start work for the week.

Look! New tires! Hopefully no self-destruction!

Pretty nice park!

With the tire drama put to rest, Deirdre and I were able to get back into what felt more like a normal type of rhythm. We were able to take advantage of the decent wifi and availability of Amazon shipping to take care of the last of getting settled in and even the dogs started to feel a lot more at home.

One of the first things I ordered was a steel tripod kingpin stabilizer. Fantastic for eliminating some of the front and back bouncing!

Ronin insists that my desk is actually his sleeping den. We've agreed to disagree.

The bunny is back to practicing licking her own eyeballs

Xander is exploring the wide open country... next to the Chevy dealership...

Sallisaw is a pretty cool little town. We enjoyed going out for Mexican Food a taking long walks around the campground's various paths and ponds. The temperature was fantastic the whole time we were there thanks to a giant rainy front that blew threw there over the course of the week. I don't think it got above ninety the whole week, which is kind of absurd considering it was July in Oklahoma.

One word of advice, though. Wear shoes! The mosquitos were crazy and both Deirdre and I got murdered by them, especially on the tops of our feet.

When Saturday finally rolled around, it was time to hit the road again. We got out of bed somewhat late on account of my having stayed up until 2am drinking with an Air Force guy from Oregon in the site next to ours. Probably ill advised in retrospect.

On the bright side, Deirdre got to drive all day because I was too hung over. lol.

It was a relatively short driving day at 284 miles, and thankfully things went perfectly smoothly on the new tires. It was incredibly refreshing to not have to fuss with them again. Not that I don't enjoy experiencing the local tire shop culture at every stop...

I'm not gonna lie, the drive across Oklahoma was pretty boring. It was pretty country, especially since it had been raining for a week straight, there just wasn't a ton to look at outside of giant wind turbines.

Condor smoothies, anyone?

Wide open spaces...

Ay Jimmy, man! Get a load a them big ass fans, man!

Look! A giant flag hanging from a crane! America!

LOL. We know

The drive was overall pretty uneventful, which was a nice change of pace. We pulled into the Bobcat Creek RV Park in Sayre, OK and were delighted to find a VERY cute and well maintained RV park. I would absolutely stay there again.

The only bummer was upon getting the camper deployed we discovered that the fridge door had opened and jettisoned the previous night's dinner (Mapo tofu) all over the floor and under the slide. Cleaning that up was a pain in the ass that involved lots of paper towels and a coat hanger.

Deirdre does not approve

Once we got the mess cleaned up, we cranked up the AC and settled in. The RV park has a kitchen inside the office where I guess they prepare all kinds of home-made goodies! We got both the shrimp and the catfish with the green chile hush puppies. It was amazing. Like I said, would absolutely stay here again!

This was travel day #1 of a three day trek toward Durango, CO. The next day would involve traversing the arid hellscape travel experience that is West Texas en route to Santa Rosa, New Mexico. That, however, is an adventure for another day.

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  1. Life got hectic, so what do I do? Turn to you guys (and girls) for some chuckles!! You were GONE! I searched and did all my PI stuff. NOTHING! So I decided to be rude and contact one of your friends. Very sweet nurse. She filled me in and gave me your info.
    This blog is the exact medicine I needed. Keep the logs coming. Give Xander a huge hug and kiss for me.
    Ya'll have fun now, ya' hear??