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caterpillars rule.

Hello everybody!

If you don't already know us, we're Nick and Deirdre Haggmark. We sold our house in South Florida and we're currently roaming around the southern United States. As the blog title indicates, we're both nerds.

Nick has been working remotely for almost seven years. I spent a lot of that time on the road, either to San Mateo, CA or to Chicago. When the pandemic hit, we were both lucky to be able to work from home full-time. We had our own separate offices in separate "wings" of our house. We had a pool, and an amazing neighborhood to take long walks in. 

We also had no social contact for about five months - unless you count the ER visits, emergency vet visits, and the cops/firefighters.

It was a stressful five months.

Anyway, we both went a little crazy, but we were both super concerned by what we did know (deadly virus) and what we didn't know (lots). So we erred on the side of caution as much as possible until we joined our best friends' quarantine bubble.

Fast forward a few months, and the entire bubble is vaccinated and we decided to sell our houses and move to Georgia together. Since we don't have kids, we decided to see our families and maybe wait out this crazy market before buying back in.

One of the biggest factors in the "plus" column of the whole sell-your-house-and-live-in-an-RV plan was the fact that it would make taking our dogs on our travels so easy. We've road-tripped with them before, but in a smallish SUV. With the RV, we can visit our friends and relatives without being a total pain, and it gives the dogs a sense of stability as well.

Also, we have three dogs. Yes, that's a lot of dogs.

Age: 11
Breed: Puggle
Interests: food, belly rubs, napping on piles of pillows and blankets, nibbling on her brothers ears in a threatening fashion
Aliases: squish, bunny, princess 


puggle in truck
Daphne wants to drive the truck

Age: 14
Breed: Puggle
Interests: food, napping, keeping all of us on a strict schedule, patrolling his territory
Aliases: rofus, brofus, professor 


puggle staring you down
Ronin wants ... something

Age: 8-ish
Breed: Pocket Lab
Interests: food, love, ball, squirrel
Aliases: pants, crazy pants, literally anything 


pocket lab is cray
Xander has crazy eyes

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