The RV

 Hey gang!

We purchased our RV from the wonderful people at Palm Beach RV. A big thank you to Van and Ken for helping to get us equipped and ready to roll.

Gee, is it big enough you think?

We decided to purchase a gently used 2018 Grand Design Solitude 360RL.

This one kind of fell into our lap as it has EXACTLY the features we were looking for and at just the right used RV price point.  It's 39' which is short of the 40' restrictions in California and is 16k GVWR which is a line for many other states. Perfect!

Again, I definitely recommend buying used. From everyone I've spoken with, not only are you saving probably 30-40% off of new RV MSRP but you are also giving the unit the opportunity to have already presented (and have had repaired) its manufacturer defects. Sure, someone else has pooped in the toilet and slept in the bed, but for $30k who the hell cares?

Before setting off we installed a Furion wireless backup camera with 5" display ($400), Tirelinc tire pressure and temperature monitoring system ($250) and four (plus spare) brand new Goodyear Endurance tires ($1000). From everything I've read, having good brakes and rubber when you set off on your journey are crucial. The rest of the crap is just because I'm not really sure of what I'm doing and want all of the help I can get.

We also got a washer and dryer installed...

as my wife says, "I am not laundromat people."

How freakin' cool is that? You can wash and dry your clothes in your trailer. Nuts. Here are some more pics of our unit from when we picked it up!


Fireplace. TV. Nice.

A space fit for brunching

Full-sized Samsung fridge and kitchen island with
double sink and gooseneck faucet

It took the dogs like 15 seconds to recognize their place...

We can't wait to hit the road! I'm certain that there will be a crushing reality that follows all of this fantasy, but at this point I don't care. I am the ultimate consumer.

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